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Nitrox Center

Diving with Nitrox – always up to date regarding technology, Hotel Les Illes, Costa Brava

The beginning of the use of Nitrox for diving was some years ago. The first ones profiting from it were professional divers, but the benefits of diving with Nitrox also arouse interest among amateur divers. Nitrox is a fantasy name that actually is enriched air what means that the oxygen content is increased in order to minimize the negative effects caused by nitrogen in body tissues. The mixture change is in favour of the diver and it offers him many advantages such as a diving time increase and a reduced amount of nitrogen. The disadvantage is that you cannot dive very deep and that the mixtures and the maximal depth in order to avoid harming oneself have to be calculated very well.

Therefore it is necessary to have the Ean Nitrox Diver certificate which you can take with us at our diving center in the Hotel Les Illes in Estartit near the Medas Island on the Costa Brava.

In 2006 it was Genis Dalmau who had the idea to build a Nitrox center with the latest technology in corporation with other diving centers in Estartit. After a market evaluation period the decision was made in favour of compressors from the market leader: compressors of the German manufacturer Bauer and its famous membrane system Btrox.

Offering these newest facilities, the Hotel Les Illes in Estartit near the Medas Islands on the Costa Brava is a recommended and popular place in Spain for all professional divers and those certified for example with the Ean Nitrox certificate.


Impressive figures


3 Bauer compressors with 650 L/min

1 Bauer Nitrox compressor with 650 L/min,

and a storage of 35 bottles with 50 L / 300 bar ( 525'000 L = 175 Bot/ 15 L/ 200 bar)


Proudly we can claim to be the biggest center in Europe equipped by the company Bauer. The center started business in 2007.

We offer mixtures of 32% and 36% but you can also ask for special mixtures for individual dives. All the equipment is of the latest technology and it is worth having a look at the impressive equipments in our storage. The center has a permanent staff and is open the whole year. Hotel Les Illes will be pleased to provide you with more information on courses and existing mixtures.

The Nitrox Center benefits from its ideal location directly next to the port and only a few meters away from the ships. This is absolutely comfortable for divers because they will be supplied with their bottles directly in front of the ship. Another highlight you can profit from at your stay at the Hotel Les Illes is the fact that it is situated opposite to the Medas Islands on the Costa Brava.

Equipment rental

Do you have diving title but lack the equipment?

Do not worry, the dive center Les Illes has a wide range of rental equipment, complete in all sizes. All the equipment is from the famous brand Maresand in perfect condition of use. We also rent lights, rechargeable flashlights and other specialty products. We recommend booking in advance thedesired device.

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