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La Vaca

La Vaca is the famous cave of the Medas Islands on the Costa Brava with a system of wide tunnels suitable for all levels. The interior of the tunnel is covered by corals, sponges, and sea fan. Unforgettable are the light effects and outside the cave the schools of sea breams, meagres, and plenty of groupers passing by. We recommend orientating yourself on the big rocks opposite to the exit (in north direction) where you can often meet giant groupers resting in the rocks shadow. Beware of the deepness in this region when diving with nitrox, at this side the depth of the sea can reach some 45 m. There you find a spectacular wall full of sea fan going from the north to the southeast. Diving back to the boat, at the Rincón de la Vaca there are still 2 more caves and a chimney to visit. The entrances to these caves are some 13 m deep – this little dive is the perfect ending of our trip.


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